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Secfence USB Shield

Did you know over 25% of the malware spreads using USB drives?

Secfence USB Shield is an antivirus security software solution to protect home users and organizations from worms & viruses that spread through USB Mass Storage devices like portable hard drives and pen drives. Apart from this protection Secfence USB Shield helps in enforcing USB security policy on computers in-line with organization's own policies on removable devices.

Some of the features of USB Shield are -

  • Heuristics Engine : Its unique behavior based engine understands and recognizes different approaches that worms exploit to spread and detects malware based on it.
  • Effective auto-run blocker : Effectively stops autorun on all removable media, be it flash drives, mobile phones, MP3 players, memory cards etc. without affecting other USB peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, printers etc.
  • U3 support : Stops autorun on U3 devices.
  • Malware signature : Along with the unique heuristics engine, Secfence USB Shield also has a regularly updated malware signature database, which quickly identifies known malware.
  • White listing : Maintains a white list to allow known files.
  • Grey listing : Maintains list of suspicious executables and filetypes and prompts user before their execution.
  • Black listing : Blocks execution of listed files by user.
  • Online Updates : Automatic definition and software engine updates designed to keep the virus database and the software up to date.
  • Digital signature : Digitally signed definition and software updates provides additional security by ensuring the integrity.
  • Dynamic database updates : As soon as a new malware is detected by the heuristic mechanism, its definition is added in the virus database.
  • Shields Beyond USB : Also does additional checks on CD/DVD media and on local hard drive.
  • Supports all major Microsoft Windows versions : Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/Server 2008 R2 in both 32bit and 64bit editions are supported.
As of now, USB Shield is only available for corporate deployments. Contact us for more details.

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