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Web Application Penetration Testing Service

Web applications have recorded a huge growth in the recent time. Almost every organization present around wishes to have its business and management online for quick and effective business processes. The risk and concern over the security of the web applications have grown along its popularity. The web applications may expose customer information, financial data and other sensitive and confidential data if not configured properly. Ensuring that web applications are secure is a critical need for organizations today.

Our Web Application Penetration Testing Service tests for the following vectors:

  • - Command Injection (SQL Injection, Code Injection)
  • - Cross site scripting (XSS)
  • - Checking for backdoors
  • - Input validation
  • - Session Hijacking
  • - Buffer overflows
  • - Trust boundary violation
  • - Unhandled array declaration
  • - Unchecked return values
  • - OWASP Top 10
And more..

Services Offered

  • - PHP/MySQL Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - .NET Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Java Server Pages (JSP) Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - ColdFusion (CFM) Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Classic Active Server Pages (ASP) Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Ruby Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Python Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Perl Web Application Penetration Testing
  • - Django, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Web Frameworks Web Application Penetration Testing

Our Process

At Secfence, we employ our own hybrid methodologies to secure your business. We utilize a mix of automated and manual techniques to achieve greater penetration in the application, and identify critical problems. Automated techniques typically find low-hanging fruits (easily exploitable vulnerabilities), whereas Manual Testing achieves in-depth testing and verification of problems. In many cases, we have resulted in finding Zero-Day flaws of critical nature, in both proprietary and third-party applications.

Should you go for Application Security Assessment?

If your organization uses the following, you should strongly consider Web-Application Security Penetration Testing

  • - Commercial or open source third party off the shelf applications.
  • - In house or custom Web Applications for internal processes
  • - Web Applications developed by third parties for exclusive use by your organization

If you are from the following industry, you should strongly consider Web-Application Security Testing

  • - KPO/BPO
  • - Online Retail/ Ecommerce
  • - IT Enabled Services (ITES)
  • - Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
  • - Government and Defence
  • - Television/Media

We can also help you in achieving the following compliance standards, if needed

  • - COBIT
  • - HIPPA
  • - PCI/DSS
  • - SOX
  • - ISO 27001

Other Services